Halftime of Oversight Season Nearly Upon Us

Every agency of the District government goes under the Council oversight microscope twice each spring: first in February/March for its Performance Oversight Hearing, and again in April/May for its Budget Oversight Hearing.

With the exception of one Performance Oversight hearing postponed to next week due to the Council’s closure on Tuesday, we have now reached the mid-point of the oversight process.

The pivot point in the transition to the next phase of oversight is the Mayor’s presentation of her FY 2018 proposed budget and fiscal plan to the Council. This year, this will occur on Thursday, April 6 at 10AM in the Council Chamber.

Budget oversight hearings will begin the next day, April 7, and will continue through May 11. On May 12, the Committee of the Whole’s hearing on the full budget will be held, with committees marking up their portion of the budget from May 16 to 18.

The much-anticipated, televised budget working meeting will be held on May 24, and the initial Committee of the Whole and full Council consideration of the budget legislation will occur on May 30. The required second vote on the budget will happen in June, on a date that has not yet been determined.

To view the performance oversight schedule, please click here, and to view the updated budget schedule, please click here.