Council Rolls Out Latest Communications Effort

In the latest of a series of communications efforts, the Council will now publish on its website a list of all documents filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Council, once they have been processed. The Office of the Secretary is the administrative center of the Council, and all critical Council documents are processed through this office. The document in question, known as the “eCirculation of Measures,” is emailed daily to Council and related government staff. It includes several categories of documents, including:
•Bills (when not introduced from the dais)
•Resolutions, including nominations and collective bargaining agreements
•Correspondence from the Mayor
•Reports from the Auditor, Inspector General, Chief Financial Officer and the Mayor
•Loan agreements

On the website, eCirculation will be posted on a weekly basis, on this page.

On that same page, on a monthly basis, the Council will post its Emergency Act Report (“EA Report”), which provides an update on the status of time-limited Emergency and Temporary Legislation.

This effort builds upon past efforts by the Council. These include:
•Publication of a new, 47-page Council Handbook, to make understanding our work easier
•The ability to directly share information on any legislation via social media
•The ability to “subscribe” to any legislation, so you can be informed of its progress
•The ability to comment online on any legislation with a scheduled hearing
•Expanding the amount of past legislation found on LIMS (now goes back to 1989 and includes 30,000+ measures)
•Allowing Councilmember vote searching
•Easy exporting of legislative Search results to Excel or PDF
•Providing easier and improved online access to the DC Code
•Making our legislative data available via API
•Providing access to pre-Home Rule Council regulations and resolutions