With Committee Budget Markups Complete, Full Council Budget Will Come Together

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

This week, from Tuesday through Thursday, each of the Council’s eleven committees met and approved the segment of the budget that falls under their purview. Each committee’s work uses the Mayor’s proposed budget as a starting point, then makes changes in response to councilmembers’ priorities. The committee reports that emerged from these markups are included below.

The remaining steps in the budget are as follows. At an all-day televised working meeting on May 25, the results of the eleven committee markups will be blended with other councilmember input to create a unified draft Council budget. (The handout for that meeting is available here.) That budget (which is comprised of multiple pieces of legislation) requires two full Council votes. The first vote on all the component legislation will occur on May 30. The second vote on some components will come on June 13, with the others to follow.

The version of each committee report (draft or final) is listed below. This page will be updated as additional reports are released, and as draft reports are finalized.

Committee on Business and Economic Development (FINAL)

Committee on Education (FINAL)

Committee on Finance and Revenue (FINAL)

Committee on Government Operations (FINAL)

Committee on Health (FINAL)

Committee on Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization (FINAL)

Committee on Human Services (FINAL)

Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety (FINAL)

Committee on Labor and Workforce Development (FINAL)

Committee on Transportation and the Environment (FINAL)

Committee of the Whole (DRAFT)