Office of the Secretary

The Secretary to the Council is the chief administrative officer responsible for managing operations and the annual budget. The Secretary maintains the official records of the Council as defined in the Council Rules or required by law. The Office of the Secretary maintains an on-line Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) that enables the public to view official records, track legislation and review a weekly Calendar of Events that lists all upcoming Council meetings and hearings.




Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5:30PM

Contact Information

Phone: (202) 724-8080

Fax: (202) 347-3070

Office Location

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

John A. Wilson Building, Suite 5

Washington DC, 20004

Location of Office of the Secretary


Nyasha Smith

Secretary to the Council

(202) 724-8080

Jamaine Taylor

Assistant Secretary to the Council

(202) 724-8080

Mary Vann

Director of Legislative Services

(202) 724-8050

Larry Cooper

Director of Support Services

(202) 724-8022

Valerie Wilkins

Director of Human Resources

(202) 724-8042

Dawn Cromer

Director of the Office of Procurement

(202) 724-8127

Josh Gibson

Director of Communications and Public Information Officer

(202) 741-0897