Office of the Budget Director

The Office of the Budget Director is responsible for advising Councilmembers on matters related to the District’s budget, including review, markup, enactment, and oversight of the annual operating budget and capital improvement plan. The Office drafts fiscal impact statements for emergency legislation and amendments, analyzes the fiscal and economic impacts of legislation, performs policy analysis, and reviews reprogramming requests. The Office is also responsible for tracking legislation passed subject to appropriations. Budget staff serve as a resource for all Council committees and members.

For current budget hearing times and locations and committee contact information, please refer to the Notice of Public Hearings and Committee Mark-up Schedule and the calendar section of the Council’s website.  Links to budget formulation documents, to include the Mayor’s budget request, agency responses to committee questions, committee reports, and Council legislation, will be posted to the budget section of the Council website as the documents become available.


9:00AM - 5:30PM

Contact Information

Phone: (202)724-8000

Office Location

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

John A. Wilson Building, Suite 508

Washington, DC 20004

Location of Office of the Budget Director


Jennifer Budoff

Budget Director

(202) 724-5689

Angela Joyner

Deputy Budget Director (Committee on Education & Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety)

(202) 724-5688

Anne Phelps

Budget Counsel (Committee of the Whole, Budget Act Coordination)


Joseph Wolfe

Senior Capital Budget Analyst (Committee on Business and Economic Development, Committee on Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization....)


Averil Carraway

Sr. Budget Analyst (Committee on Government Operations)

(202) 724-8544

Jason Kim

Sr. Budget Analyst (Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, Committee on Education)

(202) 654-6422

John MacNeil

Sr. Budget Analyst (Committee on Transportation and the Environment, School Modernization Program)


Susanna Groves

Sr. Budget Analyst (Committee on Health, Committee on Human Services)