Legislative Services

The Legislative Services Division is responsible for managing legislative activities, including: 

  • Maintaining all official records as defined in the Council Rules, including bills and resolutions as introduced; committee reports and reports from government agencies that are submitted to Council, pursuant to law and legislative action.
  • Coordinating publications of Council hearings, Bills, Proposed Resolutions, Resolutions, Acts, Laws and other Council Actions in the D.C. Register.
  • Maintaining the Legislative Information tracking system (LIMS), and tracking of the Council review period of proposed resolutions, including confirmation of agency directors and appointments to boards and/or commissions.
  • Providing various services including copies of D.C. Laws current and past, audio recordings of Council hearings, and copies of the introduced and final version of bills, resolutions and other council actions and the facilitation to research Council records.
  • Providing coverage of Committee of the Whole and Legislative Meetings for the obtaining of votes on each measure and preparation of the final Legislative Meeting Agenda.
  • Scanning and/or filing committee records such as agendas of the committee meetings, taped recordings, committee folders and meeting minutes upon adoption after a committee meeting, public, briefing or roundtable hearings.
  • Transmitting bills adopted by the Council to the Mayor and to Congress and monitoring of the statutory review period.



Contact Information

Phone: (202) 724-8050

Office Location

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20004

Location of Legislative Services


Mary Vann

Director of Legislative Services

(202) 724-8050