With Budget Vote Postponed until June 30, Brief Meeting Limited to Day-to-Day Matters

The meatier of the two bills that constitute the District’s budget, the Budget Support Act, was due to face a necessary second vote at today’s meeting.

However, in his media briefing yesterday, Chairman Phil Mendelson explained that this vote would be postponed until June 30. He stated that the vote was delayed to ensure that the very complex document was correct in all its details prior to facing its final vote.

In the absence of a budget vote, much of what happened at the brief Committee of the Whole and Legislative Meetings was the worthwhile, though not always glamorous, day-to-day work of the Council. Bills were introduced banning the sale of ivory, and creating a kind of tax-free account for funds used for disability-related expenses. Additionally, an omnibus approval of contracts related to the planned new soccer stadium was also introduced.

Bills that received affirmative first votes today included one that closes a few “paper streets” on the ground of the Walter Reed campus in the context of planned development there, and another that modifies and extends the Adams Morgan liquor license moratorium.

A full record of all votes taken can be found here.

The full Council will meet twice more prior to its July 15 recess: once for the aforementioned budget vote on June 30, and the final pre-recess meeting on July 14.