Roadmap for the Rest of the Summer

Legislation is a year-round pursuit for the Council. Having said that, there are some predictable ebbs and flows across the year. Our year breaks into a few predictable segments:

  • a January busy with the introduction of legislation
  • a late winter and spring focused primarily on performance oversight and passage of the District’s budget
  • an early summer burst of legislative activity
  • summer recess (taking advantage of the pause in harried legislative activity to focus more on constituent service and deliberative projects)
  • a long, uninterrupted legislative fall, lasting through the winter holiday recess

Speaking of the summer burst in legislative activity, looking at the next several weeks, the Council plans to hold nearly weekly Legislative Meetings, with up to three to be held prior to the July 15 recess.

On June 21, the Committee of the Whole will meet, and potentially an Additional Legislative Meeting will be held. At that meeting, the second vote on the Budget Support Act could occur, as could the second vote on the minimum wage legislation.

On June 28, another Legislative Meeting will provide an additional opportunity for the second vote on the minimum wage legislation. It will also allow for first votes on any legislation that faced hearings and markup since the budget season ended.

Finally, on July 12, the last Legislative Meeting prior to recess will be held. At this meeting, second votes on any legislation the Council wants to see passed prior to the fall will be held.