Performance Oversight and Budget Schedules Approved by the Committee of the Whole

To those keenly interested in the Council, the release of the Academy Award nominations ranks a distant second to the true news-maker of the day—approval of this year’s budget calendar.

The Committee of the Whole’s approval of the schedule of performance oversight and budget hearings fills out the Council’s dance card for much of the spring. Each agency will pass under the relevant Council committee’s microscope twice in the coming months, with an opportunity for Councilmembers and the general public alike to be informed about the accomplishments of that agency in the prior year, and its financial plans for the year to come.

Highlights of the budget schedule include:

  • February 2: Committee of the Whole briefing on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • February 8 to March 16: Agency performance oversight hearings
  • April 4: Mayor submits the budget
  • April 6: Mayor briefs the Council on the budget
  • April 10 to May 11: Agency budget hearings
  • May 12: Committee of the Whole hearing on the budget
  • May 16-18: Committee budget markups
  • May 24: Day-long Council work session on the budget
  • May 30: Council’s first of two budget votes
  • June TBD: Council’s second of two budget votes

For full listings of schedule performance oversight and budget hearings, click here.