Ceremonials and Contracts Mark the Calm Before the Budget Storm


Much of the work of government lies not in headline-grabbing or conflict-causing measures, but in the routine, incremental efforts that keep the government operating and improving on a day-to-day basis. Today’s legislative meeting accomplished that goal, serving more as exposition than climactic action in the narrative of the day.

With the first votes on budget legislation scheduled for an Additional Legislative Meeting on May 17, we will return to more momentous subject matter at that time. In that way, today was the calm before the storm.

At today’s meeting, over a dozen ceremonial resolutions were approved, including five that were presented publicly. Today’s ceremonial measures celebrated sports teams, individuals, organizations, and policies that have benefited the District, and done us proud.

Today’s agenda also included a healthy batch of contract approvals. District government contracts of $1 million or more are presented by the executive for Council review and approval. This specific $1 million cutoff was particularly relevant today, in that one contract for $999,999.99 was procedurally called into question, removed from today’s agenda, and may be the subject of a subsequent Council hearing.

Introduced from the dais today were measures including those that, if passed, would:

  • Provide a fee waiver on applications for identification documents by those earning less than 200% of the poverty level
  • Allow Advisory Neighborhood Commissions access to sign language interpreters on an as-needed, pilot basis
  • Improve foreign language service accessibility at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and changed the status of applications filed there so as to accelerate their review
  • Provide qualified tenants with “seed money” for Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act case exploration
  • Allow faster and more effective action against landlords of neglected or nuisance properties
  • Investigate the need for increased recreation alternatives and/or a recreation facility in the Chesapeake Street, SE neighborhood
  • Increase the budget cutoff above which nonprofits must pay a higher annual registration fee, so that smaller nonprofits are not burdened

For a complete list of all votes taken at today’s meeting, click here.