Last Budget Vote Passes Unanimously at Second-to-Last Pre-Recess Meeting

The FY 2019 budget season began on November 21 of last year, when Chairman Phil Mendelson introduced the resolution that laid out the deadline (March 21) and roadmap for the Mayor to present the Council with her budget proposal.

That same process wrapped up, from a Council perspective, at the most recent Legislative Meeting with the second of two required Council votes on the Budget Support Act (BSA), the bill which incorporates the legislative changes necessitated by Council budget votes in May.

The changes in the BSA between its first reading on May 15 and its second reading on June 26 are best encapsulated here.

At the most recent Legislative Meeting, the few amendments that passed from the dais were primarily of a technical nature. One exception was an amendment that set aside a portion of the funds from a larger arts line item for a one-time $1 million in funds to support humanities groups.

Also passed unanimously for the second time at the most recent Legislative Meeting was the Birth-to-Three for All DC Act, which, if funded, will support the expansion of access to quality early childhood health and education services for children aged 0 to 3.

A package of reforms to the much-discussed Youth Rehabilitation Act also passed unanimously for the second time at the most recent meeting.

A set of emergency reforms to eviction procedures also passed unanimously at the most recent meeting. The United States Marshals Service will modify their eviction procedures in regards to tenant belongings on July 9, moving from a process of emptying out units to one of re-keying unit locks. The Council sought to react legislatively to this change, though the measure passed at the most recent meeting will likely be revisited at the July 10 Legislative Meeting.

Earlier in the day, ceremonial resolutions were introduced to recognize the public service contributions of Ward 1’s Clarence “Buddy” Moore and the participation of DC young women, alumnae of DC SCORES, as the totality of the US team in the 2018 Street Child World Cup.

New measures introduced at the most recent meeting, if passed, would:

  • Express the Sense of the Council in opposition to the separation of immigrant families by the Trump Administration, and in support of the reunification of those already separated
  • Ban “cashless” restaurants
  • Allow lower income individuals to defer receiving tax refunds, and subsequently receive matching funds six months later
  • Express the Sense of the Council in opposition to the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration
  • Protect immigrants from extortion based on their immigration status
  • Exempt Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) from paying DC government fees

For a list of all votes taken at this meeting, please click here.