Council Steps Up Fitness and Conservation Efforts with Take the Stairs Campaign

In an effort to encourage fitness and conserve energy, the Council has kicked off its first-ever Take the Stairs campaign.  Those who insist on taking the elevator will be greeted not just with a blank stare, but also with informative, inspirational, or entertaining displays outside each elevator including facts that make the stair case.

Those of you who eschew the elevator will find the rationale for taking the steps staring you right in the face—over a dozen tips and factoids will be displayed on the landings in each stairwell.

With spring finally at hand and summer not far off, we encourage everyone to use the change in clime to inspire a change in how you climb from floor to floor. Why spring for gym fees when you can make the Wilson Building your Stairmaster?

It’s the fair way, it’s the “I care!” way, it’s the “I dare!” way, make it the less rare way—please take the stairway!

Staircase at John A. Wilson Building