21st Legislative Meeting of Council Period 21 Lasts 210 Seconds

When in session, the full Council meets once monthly for a regular Legislative Meeting. At times, that once-a-month pacing is not in rhythm with the arcane timing of when stopgap Emergency and Temporary legislation (required by the glacial pace of the intrusive and arcane Congressional review of all DC legislation) would expire. In situations such as these, and others, the Council Chairman can call what is known as an Additional Legislative Meeting. Today’s meeting fell into that category.

The agenda of such meetings is, predictably, significantly briefer than that of regular Legislative Meetings. Today’s meeting was even shorter than usual. Setting aside the introductory moment of silence and roll call, this 21st coming together of the 21st Council since Home Rule lasted a mere 210 seconds.

While legislation before the Council today covered substantial subject matter (from Summer Youth Employment to anti-crime measures, and from the Walter Reed redevelopment to homeless shelter standards), virtually all of the bills had already been voted on by the Council previously. Every measure on today’s agenda passed by a unanimous voice vote.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting that preceded the Legislative Meeting, legislation was introduced to:

  • Further incorporate public comments in rulemaking
  • Create a more straightforward means of naming public space, including streets
  • Reappoint the chair of the DC Retirement Board
  • Expand the use of Smart 911 services, and access by emergency personnel to medical profiles

A full listing of all votes taken at today’s Legislative Meeting can be found here.