Chairman Mendelson’s Statement on the Passing of Former Councilmember Jim Graham

June 15, 2017 -- WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Phil Mendelson released the following statement regarding the death of former Councilmember Jim Graham. “I am saddened to learn of the passing, on Sunday, of former Councilmember Jim Graham. Jim and I joined the Council in the same year; we were classmates. Jim had a strong commitment to the District that pre-dated his election to the Council. His work at Whitman Walker Clinic in the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic was widely and highly regarded. On the Council, Jim worked especially hard on issues like homelessness, juvenile justice, diversity, and public transportation. The District thanks him for his long public service and many accomplishments. He left our city a better place.” The Secretary of the Council is expected to announce details regarding services as they become known.  Read More »

Unanimous Council Passes FY 2018 Budget

June 13, 2017 -- Following its first of two needed votes on next year’s budget, the Council has now voted unanimously for a second time in support of the budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018. This $13.8 billion funding plan was built upon the initial budget that Mayor Bowser presented to the Council on April 6. After each agency of the District government appeared before Council committees twice, first in a performance oversight hearing, then again in a budget hearing, the 11 Council committees each approved the portion of the budget under their jurisdiction. The combined result of their efforts, further modified to meet additional needs, was what the Council approved on May 30. Based on community and other feedback, the budget was adjusted once more into what passed at the most recent meeting.  Read More »

Legislation Requests for June 13, 2017 Legislative Meeting

June 8, 2017 --  Read More »

Most Recent Meeting Provides Respite Between Two Budget Votes

June 6, 2017 -- On May 30, the Council took the first of two required votes on the bills that comprise our budget. On June 13, the Council will take the second required budget vote. But at the most recent legislative meeting, the budget was not on the agenda, and instead the Council tackled the standard legislative matters that are our bread and butter outside of budget season. Read More »

DC Flags Flown at the Wilson Building Now Available for Purchase

June 2, 2017 -- District residents have always loved their home town. Just in the past few years, however, the DC flag has truly soared as a symbol of that hometown pride. Starting today, District residents can show off that pride with a unique and powerful emblem of their love of the District—a flag that has flown at the John A. Wilson Building.  Read More »

Legislation Requests for June 6, 2017 Legislative Meeting

June 1, 2017 --  Read More »

Council Passes Budget, and Nothing But It

May 30, 2017 -- After months of agency-by-agency performance oversight and budget hearings by its eleven Committees, the Council took initial action on its interpretation of the budget first introduced by the Mayor back in April. In its sole action at its most recent Legislative Meeting, the Council unanimously passed the budget bills. Read More »

Council’s Proposed FY 2018 Budget is Released

May 30, 2017 -- The proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget and Financial Plan makes significant investments in the areas of education, housing, human support services, infrastructure, and workforce development. You will find a comprehensive summary of all the Council’s modifications to the budget in the Local Budget Act (LBA) report; I recommend that you begin your review with that document. Read More »

Sterling Tucker and His Legacy Are Honored as Historic Portrait is Rededicated

May 19, 2017 -- At an event attended by an overflow crowd, 93-year-old living legend, senior statesman, and founding father Sterling Tucker was honored for his role as the District’s first Home Rule Council Chairman. The centerpiece of the event was the unveiling and rededication of a photographic portrait of Tucker, and a corresponding portrait of his fellow pillar of the District’s first Home Rule government, Mayor Walter Washington. Read More »

With Committee Budget Markups Complete, Full Council Budget Will Come Together

May 18, 2017 -- This week, from Tuesday through Thursday, each of the Council's eleven committees met and approved the segment of the budget that falls under their purview. Each committee's work uses the Mayor's proposed budget as a starting point, then makes changes in response to councilmembers' priorities. The committee reports that emerged from these markups are included below. Read More »

Council Makes Small But Necessary Legislative Adjustments

May 16, 2017 -- The Council’s next Legislative Meeting on May 30, and the just-completed Meeting, make for an interesting pairing. On May 30, the Council will take the first of two votes on the District’s complete budget—a multi-billion dollar measure that touches on every single aspect of our government’s operation. The media, advocates, and the general public will pay close attention because of the sheer magnitude of the Council’s decisions on that day.  Read More »

Legislation Requests for May 16, 2017 Legislative Meeting

May 11, 2017 --  Read More »

Peter Newsham Confirmed as Police Chief at Otherwise Routine Meeting

May 3, 2017 -- Peter Newsham’s seven-month stint as Acting Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department culminated with the Council’s approval of his nomination as Chief. After three long and sometimes contentious hearings on his nomination in recent weeks, including two held in the community and one at the Wilson Building, discussion at the Legislative Meeting was largely supportive. Assured of plans for an independent investigation into concerns regarding police action at the January Inauguration weekend, Councilmembers expressed their support for the nominee, and approved his nomination by a 12-1 vote. Read More »

Legislation Requests for May 2, 2017 Legislative Meeting

April 27, 2017 --  Read More »

At Budget Season’s Pivot Point, Councilmembers Continue Legislative Work

April 5, 2017 -- Although never really addressed in our high school civics classes, oversight is just as essential of a responsibility for a legislature as legislating is. This critical season reaches its midpoint this week, with the Mayor’s introduction of her FY 2018 budget. Read More »

Legislation Requests for April 4, 2017 Legislative Meeting

March 30, 2017 --  Read More »

Halftime of Oversight Season Nearly Upon Us

March 16, 2017 --  Read More »

Council will be Closed on March 14, 2017 due to Inclement Weather

March 14, 2017 --  Read More »

All 31 Rediscovered Historic Inauguration Photos Now Available on Council’s Website

March 10, 2017 --  Read More »

Ebbs and Flows of Legislative Cycle on View at Third Legislative Meeting

March 8, 2017 -- While each two-year Council Period is different, there is a certain cyclical nature to what the Council does. For example, the Council’s legislative agenda is fuller at the end of the Council Period than at the beginning. Similarly, during the three-month oversight season, during which every District agency is the focus of both a Performance and a Budget hearing, the pace of other hearings and markups abates to a certain degree. Thus, the legislation up for a Council vote also temporarily slows. Read More »

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