Legislation Request for November 21, 2017 Legislative Meeting

November 20, 2017 --  Read More »

Council Unified on Goals, Divided on Methods

November 7, 2017 -- A hallmark of the Council in recent years has been the comparative unity that has reigned. After a period, years back, of frequent discord on the dais, with splintered votes and open conflict among councilmembers, the last several years have been defined by comparative consensus: virtually all votes pass by broad margins if not unanimously, and comity on the dais has largely been the order of the day. Read More »

Legislation Request for November 7, 2017 Legislative Meeting

November 2, 2017 --  Read More »

Budget Office Analysis of Universal Paid Leave Bills

October 10, 2017 -- In preparation for the public hearing on five different pieces of legislation about paid family and medical leave benefits, the Office of the Budget Director (Budget Office) analyzed the economic impact of the proposed approaches to paid leave by grouping the bills into three general categories: a public insurance program, a government mandate on employers, and a hybrid public/private model.  Read More »

Council Rights Wrongs of Longstanding, and More Recent, Vintage

October 3, 2017 -- Some challenges take time, and are tough to tackle. Others are more quickly and easily dispatched. The Council’s most recent Legislative Meeting included measures at both ends of the spectrum. Read More »

Legislation Requests for October 3, 2017 Legislative Meeting

September 28, 2017 --  Read More »

Council’s Progress Continues Where It Left Off

September 19, 2017 -- The Council didn’t skip a beat as it returned from its summer working period for the most recent Committee of the Whole and Legislative Meetings. Most noticeable during the meeting was the quantity of new bills being introduced from the dais. These will be listed individually at the end of the article. The summer working period provides councilmembers an opportunity for more extensive time in the community and a chance for a deep dive into legislative research. The wealth of legislation introduced at the meeting reflects the benefits of both those opportunities.  Read More »

Legislation Requests for September 19, 2017 Legislative Meeting

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Council Closes Out First Half of Its Legislative Year

July 11, 2017 -- The Council’s legislative year has phases, both thematic and time-wise. January is busy legislatively, with many introductions and hearings. February and March are primarily the time for performance oversight hearings addressing every government agency. April and May are largely taken up with budget oversight hearings, regarding funding for those same agencies. The budget process wraps up in June, with the remainder of that month, and the first half of July, taken up again by intense focus on legislation. Read More »

Legislative Requests for July 11, 2017 Legislative Meeting

July 6, 2017 --  Read More »

Help Us Find the Liberty Bell

July 3, 2017 -- Just in time for the Fourth of July, the Council is launching a search for a missing Liberty Bell. Only with the public’s help will we solve the mystery and find this lost treasure. What we are seeking is an actual-size, 2000-pound replica of the Liberty Bell, given to the District of Columbia by the federal government on July 20, 1950 as thanks for exceeding savings bond sales goals. Each state, US territory, and the Treasury Department itself received one of these bells. Read More »

Council Rolls Out Latest Communications Effort

June 28, 2017 -- In the latest of a series of communications efforts, the Council will now publish on its website a list of all documents filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Council, once they have been processed. The Office of the Secretary is the administrative center of the Council, and all critical Council documents are processed through this office. The document in question, known as the “eCirculation of Measures,” is emailed daily to Council and related government staff. Read More »

Budget Season Wraps Up, One Meeting Left in First Half of Legislative Year

June 28, 2017 -- With two votes on the bulk of the legislation constituting the budget already under its belt, the Council only needed to take its second vote on the Budget Support Act (BSA) to finalize its budget work for this year. And with that vote unanimously taken at the most recent Legislative Meeting, the budget season comes to a close. Read More »

Legislation Requests for June 27, 2017 Legislative Meeting

June 22, 2017 --  Read More »

Details Regarding Jim Graham Services Released

June 20, 2017 --  Read More »

Chairman Mendelson’s Statement on the Passing of Former Councilmember Jim Graham

June 15, 2017 -- WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Phil Mendelson released the following statement regarding the death of former Councilmember Jim Graham. “I am saddened to learn of the passing, on Sunday, of former Councilmember Jim Graham. Jim and I joined the Council in the same year; we were classmates. Jim had a strong commitment to the District that pre-dated his election to the Council. His work at Whitman Walker Clinic in the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic was widely and highly regarded. On the Council, Jim worked especially hard on issues like homelessness, juvenile justice, diversity, and public transportation. The District thanks him for his long public service and many accomplishments. He left our city a better place.” The Secretary of the Council is expected to announce details regarding services as they become known.  Read More »

Unanimous Council Passes FY 2018 Budget

June 13, 2017 -- Following its first of two needed votes on next year’s budget, the Council has now voted unanimously for a second time in support of the budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018. This $13.8 billion funding plan was built upon the initial budget that Mayor Bowser presented to the Council on April 6. After each agency of the District government appeared before Council committees twice, first in a performance oversight hearing, then again in a budget hearing, the 11 Council committees each approved the portion of the budget under their jurisdiction. The combined result of their efforts, further modified to meet additional needs, was what the Council approved on May 30. Based on community and other feedback, the budget was adjusted once more into what passed at the most recent meeting.  Read More »

Legislation Requests for June 13, 2017 Legislative Meeting

June 8, 2017 --  Read More »

Most Recent Meeting Provides Respite Between Two Budget Votes

June 6, 2017 -- On May 30, the Council took the first of two required votes on the bills that comprise our budget. On June 13, the Council will take the second required budget vote. But at the most recent legislative meeting, the budget was not on the agenda, and instead the Council tackled the standard legislative matters that are our bread and butter outside of budget season. Read More »

DC Flags Flown at the Wilson Building Now Available for Purchase

June 2, 2017 -- District residents have always loved their home town. Just in the past few years, however, the DC flag has truly soared as a symbol of that hometown pride. Starting today, District residents can show off that pride with a unique and powerful emblem of their love of the District—a flag that has flown at the John A. Wilson Building.  Read More »

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