Family Leave, Privatized Ambulance Service Draw Attention, Shed Light on Legislative Process

October 7, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for October 6th Legislative Meeting

October 1, 2015 --  Read More »

The Boss is Back: Restored Alexander “Boss” Shepherd Portrait Now Hangs in Wilson Building Lobby

September 30, 2015 --  Read More »

Public Safety is Central Focus of Council’s First Fall Meeting

September 23, 2015 --  Read More »

Notice of Meeting about a Litigation Matter

September 18, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for September 22nd Legislative Meeting

September 17, 2015 --  Read More »

District and Prince George’s County Councils Meet to Discuss Cross-Border Issues

September 17, 2015 --  Read More »

Notice of Meeting with Prince George’s County Council

September 13, 2015 -- The members of the Council will be meeting with members of the Prince George's County Council for a discussion on cross-border issues. The meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 1:00 P.M. at the County Administration Building, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Please contact me with any questions at (202) 724-8080. Read More »

Council Renews Its Tribute to the Supreme Sacrifice

September 11, 2015 --  Read More »

Council Releases its Law-by-law Review of Council Period 20

August 20, 2015 -- The history of the Council is organized by two-year Council Periods, from January of an odd-numbered year, to December of the following year. Absent a death or resignation, the makeup of the Council should not change during that time. It consists of the councilmembers elected in the previous November, and prior to any potential change-up in the Council membership resulting from the subsequent election two years later. Read More »

Key Pre-Home Rule Documents Unseen for Decades Now to Be Published

July 29, 2015 -- Phil Mendelson, Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia, today announced an historic agreement with the National Archives to scan and publish all the legislation of the presidentially-appointed District Council that preceded the current, Home Rule iteration of the same body.  Read More »

Earn Less Than $500K? You’ll Pay Less in DC Taxes

July 20, 2015 --  Read More »

With the Budget Vote Behind it, Council Hits Full Legislative Stride

July 20, 2015 --  Read More »

Legislative Media Briefing to preview the Council’s upcoming Legislative Meeting

July 10, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for July 14, 2015 Legislative Meeting

July 9, 2015 --  Read More »

Minimum Wage Increases to $10.50 Today, Making the Second of Three $1+ Jumps

July 1, 2015 --  Read More »

Final Compromise Brings to a Close to this Year’s Budget Process

July 1, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for the June 30th Legislative Meeting

June 26, 2015 --  Read More »

Legislative Media Briefing to preview the Council’s upcoming Legislative Meeting

June 26, 2015 --  Read More »

With Budget Vote Postponed until June 30, Brief Meeting Limited to Day-to-Day Matters

June 16, 2015 --  Read More »

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