Easy, User-friendly Access to the DC Code Now An Official Website Feature

July 13, 2016 --  Read More »

The DC Statehood Process, via the Tennessee Plan, Waltzes On

July 13, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for July 12, 2016 Legislative Meeting

July 7, 2016 --  Read More »

After a Deep Dive on Council Procedure, Legislation is Passed, and Postponed

June 29, 2016 --  Read More »

Be a Plaque Detective: Help Sleuth Out the Final Details Regarding our World War II Plaque

June 28, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for June 28, 2016 Legislative Meeting

June 23, 2016 --  Read More »

Budget and Minimum Wage Bills Receive Final and Unanimous Council Approval

June 21, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for June 21, 2016 Legislative Meeting

June 20, 2016 --  Read More »

In Time for Flag Day, A Restored and Historic District Flag Returns to the Wilson Building

June 14, 2016 -- Those familiar with the Wilson Building know that a large District flag has hung outside the Council Chamber since 2008, the year of the Building’s centennial. Read More »

Roadmap for the Rest of the Summer

June 8, 2016 --  Read More »

Summer of Love Continues as Consensus Minimum Wage Bill Passes Unanimously

June 8, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for June 7, 2016 Legislative Meeting

June 3, 2016 --  Read More »

Budget and Homeless Shelter Plan Pass Quickly, Unanimously, and Without Controversy

May 31, 2016 --  Read More »

The Mystery is Solved: Council’s Plaque Finally Identified in Time for Memorial Day

May 27, 2016 -- Just prior to Veterans Day in 2010, the Council held a media event seeking the help of journalists and the general public in solving a mystery. The mystery involved a massive plaque listing hundreds of names, damaged when removed for a renovation, and subsequently shunted off and forgotten in a closet. No one remembered much about the plaque, and even after the 2010 event, it remained a mystery. Read More »

Take a Mind-blowing 360° Tour of the Wilson Building on Your Phone, or From Your Desk

May 19, 2016 --  Read More »

In One Fell Swoop, Council Tackles Three Critical and Longstanding Topics

May 18, 2016 --  Read More »

Council Undertakes Annual Budget Discussion Working Meeting

May 11, 2016 --  Read More »

Budget Discussion on FY 2017 Budget

May 6, 2016 -- Notice of Councilmember Budget Discussion on FY 2017 Budget Read More »

Ceremonials and Contracts Mark the Calm Before the Budget Storm

May 3, 2016 -- Much of the work of government lies not in headline-grabbing or conflict-causing measures, but in the routine, incremental efforts that keep the government operating and improving on a day-to-day basis. Today’s legislative meeting accomplished that goal, serving more as exposition than climactic action in the narrative of the day. With the first votes on budget legislation scheduled for an Additional Legislative Meeting on May 17, we will return to more momentous subject matter at that time. In that way, today was the calm before the storm.  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for May 3, 2016 Legislative Meeting

April 28, 2016 --  Read More »

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