Council Radio Show Now Also Available as a Podcast

April 19, 2018 -- Just weeks after the Council’s “Hearing the Council” radio show debuted on DC Radio, past shows are now being made available as a podcast. Each show consists of a half-hour interview with an individual councilmember. New councilmember interviews are added to the mix on DC Radio as interviews are conducted and produced for airing, with past interviews running in between debut shows.  Read More »

Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act Reform Clears Final Step; Other Key Bills Progress

April 11, 2018 -- Legislation has a life cycle just like all of us do. At the 22nd Legislative Meeting of the current Council Period, that full spectrum was on display. Some bills draw great attention from the moment they are born. Such was the case with a measure introduced from the dais which would allow those sixteen years of age or older to vote. Other bills have to grow up quickly. This was true of an emergency bill enacting the District’s dedicated payment to Metro. While questions of specifically how the bill will be funded remain, the reality was that with the Maryland and Virginia legislatures having recently passed their dedicated funding bills, DC needed to follow suit in the short term. DC led the fight to get dedicated funding for Metro in all three jurisdictions, but the passage of the funding bill, though a formality, was still a necessity. Read More »

Legislation Request for April 10, 2018 Legislative Meeting

April 5, 2018 --  Read More »

Council to Mark the 50th Anniversary of 1968 and the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

March 29, 2018 -- On Tuesday, April 3, the Council of the District of Columbia will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, in the context of the historic year 1968 in the District in general. The Council, along with Georgetown University, will be hosting a panel discussion entitled “Whose Promised Land? Reflections on 1968 in Washington, DC and the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” Read More »

Notice of Councilmember Meeting

March 26, 2018 -- Notice of Councilmember Meeting Read More »

Council Closed March 21, 2018 Due to Inclement Weather

March 21, 2018 --  Read More »

Chairman Mendelson’s Statement Regarding Comments by Councilmember Trayon White

March 20, 2018 -- Chairman Phil Mendelson gave the following statement from the dais at today’s Committee of the Whole meeting, regarding Councilmember Trayon White’s controversial comments. “Last Friday Councilmember Trayon White posted a statement on social media that has been widely condemned, and rightfully so. I think I can speak for every member that the remark was inappropriate and evoked anti-Semitic rhetoric from the past. Councilmember White has apologized for the remark. Many councilmembers have said they accept his apology, and I find it to be sincere and unequivocal." Read More »

Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act Reform Passes as Oversight Process Approaches Its Midpoint

March 6, 2018 -- The Council conducts its oversight responsibilities on an ongoing basis, but this time of year, there’s oodles of oversight. Just as performance oversight is nearly wrapped up, and prior to budget oversight beginning, the Council continues to plug along with its other primary responsibility: legislation. At the most recent Legislative Meeting, the 21st of the Council Period that runs 2017 to 2018, the legislative item that filled Chamber seats and councilmember e-mail boxes was an effort to exclude single-family homes from the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA).  Read More »

Legislation Request for March 6, 2018 Legislative Meeting

March 1, 2018 --  Read More »

Minimum Income Study Released by Council Budget Office

February 28, 2018 -- The Council’s Budget Office examines minimum income programs in its latest Economic and Policy Impact Statement. This new study looks at what it would take to guarantee that every District resident has enough income to afford all their housing, food, health, childcare, transportation, utilities, clothing, and sanitary basic needs (hereafter referred to as "basic needs").  Read More »

The DC Council Now Has Its Own Radio Show

February 15, 2018 -- You’ve attended Council hearings in person. You’ve tuned in to our televised proceedings online or on TV. Maybe you’ve even checked out our obscure, little-loved, and technocratic presence on Twitter, @councilofdc. Well, now you have the chance to listen to us on the radio. But this is not a Council hearing. This is “Hearing the Council.” “Hearing the Council” will air from 3-3:30PM every day on DC Radio, the District’s recently launched government radio station, which can be found at 96.3 on your HD4 dial, or online at Read More »

From Concept to Consent: Public Financing of Elections Gets Final Green Light from the Council

February 7, 2018 -- In a remarkable progression, the concept of public financing of elections went from being a concept, to a bill introduced by nine members in March, to unanimous passage after debate on the first of two required votes, to a second of two votes so uncontroversial that it passed unanimously without any mention as part of the consent agenda. Advocates waited patiently through two meetings before hearing the low-key unanimous voice approval of the consent agenda, including the Fair Elections bill and dozens of others. Read More »

Legislation Request for February 6, 2018 Legislative Meeting

February 1, 2018 --  Read More »

Modeling Proper Government Operation, Council to Approve FY 2019 Budget Schedule on Tuesday

January 22, 2018 -- Modeling proper government operation, the Council will vote at its Tuesday meeting to approve the calendar for the coming Fiscal Year’s budget. At a Tuesday meeting of the Committee of the Whole, the Council will approve the timetable and roadmap to passage of the FY 2019 budget, which covers the period from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019. Read More »

Fair Elections Legislation Unanimously Approved by the Council

January 9, 2018 -- The Council spoke with a united voice at its most recent Legislative Meeting with its unanimous support for proposed Fair Elections legislation. In the first of two required votes, all thirteen councilmembers voted in favor of legislation which would put into place voluntary public financing of District elections. Read More »

Legislation Requests for January 9 2018 Legislative Meeting

January 5, 2018 --  Read More »

Council Opening Two Hours Late on Thursday, January 4

January 4, 2018 -- Please be advised that due to the winter weather, the Council will be opening two hours late on Thursday, January 4. Read More »

Legislation Requests for December 19, 2017 Legislative Meeting

December 14, 2017 --  Read More »

Legislation Requests for December 12, 2017 Legislative Meeting

December 8, 2017 --  Read More »

Budget Season Kicks Off as Calendar Year-End Approaches

December 5, 2017 -- Urban myth famously--though seemingly inaccurately--states that workers start painting the Golden Gate Bridge at one end, and by the time they have reached the far end and have seemingly completed the work, they must instead go back to the beginning and start all over again. While not quite that bad, the District government’s budget process does operate somewhat similarly. The Administration’s work on the FY 2019 budget began not long after the FY 2018 budget was passed by the Council. And now, as of the Council’s most recent Legislative Meeting, the Council’s budget season has technically begun as well.  Read More »

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