Initial look at Council Period 21 includes reduced number of committees, shuffling of jurisdictions

December 19, 2014 -- In a preliminary look at how the Council will be organized in Council Period 21 (2015-2017), the number of committees will be reduced from ten (nine plus the Committee of the Whole) in Council Period 20 to eight (seven plus the Committee of the Whole) in Council Period 21.  Read More »

Final Legislative Meeting of 2014 sees soccer stadium approval, heartfelt farewells to outgoing CMs

December 19, 2014 -- In the final meeting of Council Period 20 (which began in January of 2013 and will end when newly-elected Councilmembers are sworn in on January 2), consensus and camaraderie were on display. Read More »

Council Period 21 Administrative Meeting to be held tomorrow

December 18, 2014 -- Chairman Mendelson is calling an Administrative Meeting tomorrow (Friday, December 19) at 11AM in the Chairman’s Conference Room. At this meeting, the Chairman intends to discuss matters related to Council Period 21. Read More »

Emergency Measures for the December 17 Legislative Meeting

December 11, 2014 --  Read More »

Second-to-last meeting of 2014 yields progress on numerous long-standing issues

December 4, 2014 -- In a legislative system where all permanent legislation requires two votes within a single two-year Council period in order to become law, the most recent Council session marked two critical milestones. It represented one of the final opportunities for councilmembers to introduce new legislation, and the second-to-last chance for a bill proposing a permanent change in law to receive the necessary second reading (vote). Read More »

Updated information on funeral arrangements for Marion Barry

December 3, 2014 -- Please note the following updated information regarding the funeral arrangements for Marion Barry. Read More »

Marion Barry’s body to lie in state at Wilson Building for public viewing; other arrangements

November 28, 2014 -- Mayor Vincent C. Gray, DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, Cora Masters Barry and the family of Marion S. Barry, Jr. today released the details of memorial event for the late Ward 8 Councilmember and former Mayor of the District of Columbia. Read More »

Emergency Measures for the December 2 Legislative Meeting

November 26, 2014 --  Read More »

Council and Mayor invite residents to sign condolence book for Marion Barry

November 24, 2014 --  Read More »

Passing of Marion Barry

November 23, 2014 -- STATEMENT OF COUNCIL CHAIRMAN PHIL MENDELSON ON THE PASSING OF COUNCILMEMBER MARION S. BARRY I speak for all members of the Council in stating our sadness at the passing of Marion Barry, and expressing our condolences to his family. Mr. Barry was a member of the Council – dating back to the 1970s – as long as he was Mayor. But his efforts on behalf of District residents lasted much longer. Read More »

Council’s Thanksgiving Donations

November 21, 2014 --  Read More »

Third-to-last Legislative Meeting sees rush of initial votes

November 19, 2014 -- As any savvy Council watcher knows, a Council Period lasts for two years—from January of an odd-numbered year to January of the next odd-numbered year. In the waning days of Council Period 20 (2013 to 2015), the Council met for one of its final full 13-member Legislative Meetings as anticipation for Council Period 21 (2015 to 2017) mounts. Read More »

Emergency Measures November 18th Legislative Meeting

November 14, 2014 --  Read More »

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Soccer Stadium Development Act of 2014

November 5, 2014 --  Read More »

Celebration of Home Rule’s 40th Anniversary culminates in two historic events

October 31, 2014 -- With Election Day approaching and predictions of low voter turnout abounding, it is essential to remember that District residents’ right to elect a mayor and council should never be taken for granted. It is for precisely this purpose that much of the past year has been spent commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the District’s Home Rule. The celebration recently culminated with two keystone events which occurred just in the last couple of weeks.  Read More »

Cars-for-hire, snow removal, affordable housing, and statehood among topics of busy Council meeting

October 29, 2014 -- Because the Council’s regular legislative meeting for November would have fallen on Election Day this year, the Council instead met on October 28th. In one of its longer recent deliberations, the Council faced a broad range of topics, ranging from Affordability to Zion. Read More »

Revised RFA for Comprehensive Rail Plan Grant

October 16, 2014 -- The Council of the District of Columbia is seeking grant applications from regional organizations to develop a Comprehensive Rail Plan for the District of Columbia. A revised RFA is attached. Read More »

Quality of life issues, broader public policy among Thirtieth Legislative Meeting action

October 9, 2014 -- At the Thirtieth Legislative Meeting of Council Period 20, and the Committee of the Whole meeting that preceded it, the Council took action on a diverse mix of legislation. As is frequently the case, legislation directly impacting the daily lives, and quality of life, of average District residents attracted a degree of attention from Councilmembers rivaling if not exceeding that paid to more heady public policy issues. Read More »

Summary of Thirtieth Legislative Meeting Available

October 8, 2014 -- The Council faced a full agenda when they met for their Thirtieth Legislative Meeting.  Read More »

Notices of Emergency Legislation for October 7 Legislative Meeting

October 6, 2014 -- Councilmembers have provided notice of their intent to introduce the following emergency legislation at the October 7, 2014 Legislative Meeting Read More »

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