legislative Meeting 25

May 3, 2016 -- Much of the work of government lies not in headline-grabbing or conflict-causing measures, but in the routine, incremental efforts that keep the government operating and improving on a day-to-day basis. Today’s legislative meeting accomplished that goal, serving more as exposition than climactic action in the narrative of the day. With the first votes on budget legislation scheduled for an Additional Legislative Meeting on May 17, we will return to more momentous subject matter at that time. In that way, today was the calm before the storm.  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for May 3, 2016 Legislative Meeting

April 28, 2016 --  Read More »

Narrow Majority Maintains Its Stance in Marijuana Social Club Vote

April 20, 2016 --  Read More »

Smoke Signals, and a Slow Bern, Mark a Productive 23rd Legislative Meeting

April 6, 2016 --  Read More »

Schedule for the Council’s Budget Hearings is Now Official

April 5, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for April 5, 2015 Legislative Meeting

March 31, 2016 --  Read More »

Council’s Battle for Budget Autonomy Wins Substantial Victory for DC Taxpayers

March 23, 2016 --  Read More »

Victory on Budget Autonomy: Chairman Mendelson’s Statement

March 18, 2016 --  Read More »

Council Takes Action on Two Major Portfolios with Passage of Public Safety, Walter Reed Measures

March 1, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for March 1, 2016 Legislative Meeting

February 25, 2016 --  Read More »

21st Legislative Meeting of Council Period 21 Lasts 210 Seconds

February 17, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for February 16th Additional Legislative Meeting

February 10, 2016 --  Read More »

Judiciary Performance Oversight Hearing for 2/4/2016 has been postponed

February 4, 2016 --  Read More »

Compromise is Cornerstone of Productive Twentieth Legislative Meeting

February 3, 2016 --  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for February 2, 2016 Legislative Meeting

January 28, 2016 --  Read More »

Inclement Weather Closure Status for Monday, January 25th: Closed.

January 24, 2016 --  Read More »

Inclement weather closure status for Friday January 22nd.

January 21, 2016 --  Read More »

New Year Brings Fresh Insight into Council Action of the Past

January 7, 2016 -- In late July of last year, the Council of the District of Columbia and the National Archives announced a historic partnership effort, through which all legislation passed by the pre-Home Rule District Council would be scanned and made readily available to the public for the first time. Read More »

First Legislative Meeting of the New Year is a High Point for Fans of Council Procedural Details

January 5, 2016 -- With the its final Legislative Meeting of 2015 just 21 days behind us, and the holidays having passed in the interim, it was not surprising that the Council’s first Legislative Meeting of 2016 had a comparatively light agenda. But what the meeting lacked in content, it more than made up for with procedural complexity.  Read More »

Emergency Legislation for January 5, 2016 Legislative Meeting

December 30, 2015 --  Read More »

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