Single Tight Vote Provides Contrast with Otherwise Consensus-Driven Meeting

April 15, 2015 --  Read More »

Potential Consensus and Disagreement Emerge as Council and Mayor Exchange Views on Budget

April 14, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for the April 14, 2015 Legislative Meeting

April 9, 2015 --  Read More »

Budget Oversight Hearing Schedule

April 9, 2015 -- The performance oversight and budget hearing schedules have been slightly updated, as you will see in the attached PDF documents. Read More »

Notice of Discussion about a Personnel Matter

April 7, 2015 --  Read More »

DC Emancipation Day: April 16, 2015

April 3, 2015 --  Read More »

Council Ready to Begin Scrutiny of Mayor’s Budget Proposal

April 3, 2015 --  Read More »

Fourth Legislative Meeting Serves as Calendar Bridge, Chance to Introduce Bills, Confirm Nominations

March 18, 2015 --  Read More »

Emergency Measures for the March 17, 2015 Additional Legislative Meeting

March 12, 2015 --  Read More »

Council 101: Understanding the Budget Process

March 11, 2015 -- Urban myth famously, though seemingly inaccurately, states that workers start painting the Golden Gate Bridge at one end, and by the time they have reached the far end and have seemingly completed the work, they must instead go back to the beginning and start all over again. While not quite that bad, the District government’s budget process does operate somewhat similarly.  Read More »

Council 101: Understanding the Legislative Process

March 10, 2015 -- Perhaps no civics education tool in American history is as fondly remembered as the Schoolhouse Rock segment “I’m Just A Bill.” In that video, the boy tells Bill “you certainly have a lot of patience and courage.” For what it’s worth, Bill’s journey, as laid out in the video, makes the District’s legislative process seem like a cakewalk. This is not the District government’s doing. Our local legislative process starts off quite similar to the one laid out by Schoolhouse Rock, but is actually easier, since the District’s legislature has just one house (unicameral), as opposed to the bicameral, two-house Congress. Where things become complicated is when Congress becomes involved. Our goal here is to describe the District’s legislative process, itself inherently complicated, with as much clarity as possible. Schoolhouse Rock we are not, but we do hope to shed some light on what, through no fault of our own, is unfortunately a somewhat opaque process. Read More »

Third Legislative Meeting Largely Consensus-Driven

March 5, 2015 --  Read More »

Council closed today due to forecasted snow storm

March 5, 2015 -- The Council is closed today, due to the forecasted snow storm. Read More »

Third Legislative Meeting Largely Consensus-Driven

March 4, 2015 -- March’s regularly-scheduled Legislative Meeting didn’t just go out like a lamb, it also came in like one. While still early in the Council Period (meaning that introductions of new legislation still greatly outpaced binding votes), an early trend of consensus seemed to emerge. Read More »

Emergency measures for the March 3, 2015 Legislative Meeting

February 27, 2015 --  Read More »

DC Council: Closed due to inclement weather

February 17, 2015 --  Read More »

Accolades for FY 2015 Council budget, tax reform package continue to mount

February 9, 2015 -- Last summer, when the Council passed the $12.7 billion Fiscal Year 2015 budget, it included what some saw as an unexpected element: the most substantive tax reform in decades. In reality, this reform was no surprise, having its roots in the recommendations of a Tax Revision Commission headed by former Mayor Anthony Williams. In assembling the tax package, a careful balance had to be struck—the tax reductions had to be substantial enough to constitute real relief to District residents and businesses, guided by progressive principles to help those most in need, while not triggering worries in the financial markets that the District was abandoning the balanced budgets and fiscal restraint that have become the trademark of our municipal finances over the past decade and a half. In the months that have followed the passage of the budget, praise for the tax reforms have poured in from a number of important sources. As we prepare to enter the budget process for the next Fiscal Year, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back on some of the positive feedback we have received. Read More »

Second Legislative Meeting marks calm before the budget season storm

February 5, 2015 -- Council Period 21 is still young, barely a month old, and the light agenda at the recent Second Legislative Meeting reflects this. With few exceptions, legislation that was not approved by the Council prior to the end of a two-year Council Period did not survive the transition to the new Council Period. Because of this, the introduction of new legislation is the lifeblood of the early months of a new Council Period. Newly introduced legislation is the “raw material” of the legislative process, and necessary to “prime the pump” for future legislative action. Read More »

Emergency Measures for February 3, 2015 Legislative Meeting

January 29, 2015 --  Read More »

Notice of meeting on projected budget shortfall

January 21, 2015 -- The Council will meet to discuss the projected budget shortfall on Monday, January 26, 2015 at 10AM in the Chairman’s Conference Room. Please contact, Nyasha Smith, Secretary to the Council, with any questions: (202) 724-8080. Read More »

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