Transportation and the Environment: Safety in Taxicabs

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Room 500

Hearing Video

On February 25, 2013 the Committee held its annual oversight hearing on the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission.  During this hearing, the Commission stated that it receives approximately 150 complaints per month, 80% of which are from women who feel threatened, harassed, or unsafe in taxicabs.  The purpose of this hearing is to understand the process by which the Commission evaluates, investigates, and resolves these complaints.

The hearing will also consider the implementation of DC Law 19-184, the Taxicab Service Improvement Amendment Act of 2012.  Among other things, this law requires taxis to accept credit cards, maintain a digital manifest, install passenger and driver security devices, install a passenger information display with GPS navigation, and adopt a uniform color scheme and cruising lights.  The law also increases training for drivers and hack inspectors, encourages taxis that are environmentally friendly and accessible to persons with disabilities, and seeks to increase taxi service to underserved areas in the District.

The Committee invites the public to testify or to submit written testimony, which will be made a part of the official Hearing Record.  Anyone wishing to testify should contact Ms. Aukima Benjamin, staff assistant to the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, at (202) 724-8062 or via e-mail at  Persons representing organizations will have five minutes to present their testimony.  Individuals will have three minutes to present their testimony.  Witnesses should bring 8 copies of their written testimony and should submit a copy of their testimony electronically to

If you are unable to testify in person, written statements are encouraged and will be made a part of the official record.  Copies of written statements should be submitted to Ms. Aukima Benjamin, staff assistant to the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 108, Washington DC 20004.  They may also be mailed to or faxed to (202) 724-8118.  The record will close at the end of the business day on June 19, 2013