Public Services & Consumer Affairs: Add’l Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Room 120

Hearing Video

Uniform Commercial Code Revision Act of 2012, B19-136, Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 Amendments Act of 2012, B19-222, Consumer Protection Amendment Act of 2012, B19-581, New & Used Tire Dealer License Act of 2012, B19-583, Benefit Corporation Act of 2012, B19-584, Pipefitting, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic Occupations equality Act of 2012, B19-632, Saving DC Homes From Foreclosure Clarification & Title Insurance Clarification Amendment Act of 2012, B19-676, Sign Regulation Authorization Amendment Act of 2012, B19-819, Basic Business License Renewal Amendment Act of 2012, B19-825, Regulation of Body Artist & Body Art Establishments Clarifying Amendments Act of 2012, B19-920, Portable Electronics Insurance Amendment Act of 2012, B19-986