Libraries, Parks, Rec & Planning: Committee Meeting (Nov 8 Markup)

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Room 123

Hearing Video

The Committee will consider and vote on the following resolutions:

• PR19-782 the “District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees Gregory M. McCarthy Confirmation Resolution of 2012”

• PR19-783 the “District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees Valerie Gisela Mallett Confirmation Resolution of 2012”

• PR19-954 the "Historic Preservation Review Board Gretchen K. Pfaehler Confirmation Resolution of 2012"

• PR19-955 the "Historic Preservation Review Board Andrew Aurbach Confirmation Resolution of 2012"

• PR19-611 the "Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map and Generalized Policy Map Approval Resolution of 2012"

• PR 19-819 the “Central 14th Street Corridor Small Area Action Plan Approval Resolution of 2012”