Labor & Workforce Development Public Roundtable

Friday, February 9, 2018


Room 123

The Committee on Labor & Workforce Development will hold a Public Roundtable on the following Legislation:

  • PR22-738, "Compensation Collective Bargaining Agreement between the District of Columbia Government and Compensation Units 1 and 2, FY 2018 - FY 2021, Approval Resolution of 2018"
  • PR22-739, "Changes to District Government Employee Pay Schedules Approval Resolution of 2018"

Those who wish to testify before the Committee are asked to contact Ms. Chamisa Royster at or (202) 724-7772 by close of  business Wednesday, February 7, 2018, to provide their name, address, telephone number, organizational affiliation and title (if any), as well as  the language of oral interpretation, if any, they require. Those wishing to testify are encouraged, but not required, to submit 15 copies of written  testimony. Those representing organizations will have five minutes to present their testimony, and other individuals will _have three minutes to present their testimony; less time will be allowed if there are a large number of witnesses.