Judiciary: Innocence Protection and Re-entry Facilitation Amendment Acts of 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Room 412

Hearing Video

The stated purpose of Bill 19-880 is to modify the definition of “biological material” in § 22-4131 of the Code to ensure potentially exonerating evidence can be tested for DNA.  The Committee will also consider correcting the term “biological material.”  The stated purpose of Bill 19-889 is to create limited liability for employers who hire or retain returning citizens if the employer has taken certain steps to make a good-faith determination that hiring or retaining a returning citizen is favorable; to amend Title 16 of the D.C. Official Code to include interpersonal violence as conviction eligible for record sealing; to make procedural changes associated with the sealing of a criminal record; to permit movants to obtain certifications from the court that their records have been properly sealed under Title 16; and to create a certificate of good standing, issued by the Department of Corrections, for qualifying returning citizens.