Judiciary and Public Safety: B20-143

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Room 412

Hearing Video

The purpose of this hearing is to receive public comments on Bill 20-143, the Personal Property Robbery Prevention Amendment Act of 2013, which would establish a procedure for the Chief of Police to designate and provide notice of high offense contraband, require licensed businesses to maintain records on purchase of high offense contraband, and allow police access to those records.  The bill also would amend the Office of Administrative Hearings Establishment Act to include within its jurisdiction post-deprivation hearings within 72 hours of a business license revocation, suspension, or restriction; and amend Title 47 of the District of Columbia Official Code to enable the Chief of Police to request the revocation, suspension, or restriction of a business license where the business is involved with high offense contraband.  

The Committee invites the public to testify.  Individuals and representatives of organizations who wish to testify should contact Tawanna Shuford at 724-7808 or tshuford@dccouncil.us, and furnish their name, address, telephone number, and organizational affiliation, if any, by 5pm on Friday, May 24, 2013.  Witnesses should bring 15 copies of their testimony.  Testimony may be limited to 3 minutes for individuals and 5 minutes for those representing organizations or groups.

If you are unable to testify at the public roundtable, written statements are encouraged and will be made part of the official record.  Written statements should be submitted by 5 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2013 to Ms. Shuford, Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, Room 109, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington DC 20004, or via email at tshuford@dccouncil.us.