Health Public Hearing

Monday, March 20, 2017


Room 500

The Committee on Health will hold a Public Hearing on the following Legislation:

  • B22-64, the "Extreme Weather Protection for Animals Act of 2017"
  • PR22-72, the "Sense of the Council Regarding the Health Impacts of Heavy Backpacks Resolution of 2017"
  • B22-106, the "Defending Access to Women's Health Care Services Amendment Act of 2017"

The Committee invites the public to testify at the hearing. Those who wish to testify should contact Cherita Whiting, Committee Assistant at (202) 727-7774 or, and provide your name, organizational affiliation (if any), and title with the organization by 11 :00 a.m. on Friday, March 17, 2017. Witnesses should bring 15 copies of their written testimony to the hearing.