Finance & Revenue Public Roundtable

Monday, June 25, 2018


Room 120

The Committee on Finance & Revenue will hold a Public Roundtable on the following Legislation:

  • PR22-839, “Commission on the Arts and Humanities Quanice G. Floyd Confirmation Resolution of 2018"
  • PR22-877, "Fiscal Year 2019 Income Tax Secured Revenue Bond, General Obligation Bond and Income Tax Secured Bond Anticipation Note Issuance Authorization Resolution of 2018"
  • PR22-894, "Real Property Tax Appeals Commission Mr. Roderick Davis Confirmation Resolution of 2018"

The Committee invites the public to testify at the roundtable. Those who wish to testify should contact Sarina Loy, Committee Assistant at (202) 724-8058 or, and provide your name, · organizational affiliation (if any), and title with the organization by 11 :30 a.m. on Friday, June 22, 2018. Witnesses should bring 15 copies of their written testimony to the roundtable. The Committee allows individuals 3 minutes to provide oral testimony in order to permit each witness an opportunity to be heard. Additional written statements are encouraged and will be made part of the official record. Written statements may be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to: Council of the District of Columbia, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite 114, Washington D.C. 20004.