Env, Public Works & Transp: Add’l Meeting

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Room 120

Hearing Video

Urban Forestry Administration Reorganization Amendment Act, B19-484, Neighborhood Contractor Daytime Permit Amendment Act, B19-607, Ignition Interlock Amendment Act, B19-673, Sustainable DC Act, B19-756, Sign Regulation Authorization Amendment Act, B19-819, Autonomous Vehicle Act, B19-931, Bloomingdale & LeDroit Park Backwater Valve and Sandbag Act, B19-936, DC Flood Assistance Fund Amendment Act, B19-938, Accessible Parking Amendment Act, B19-989, Excise Tax Amendment Act, B19-959, Motorized Bicycle Amendment Act, B19-995, Safety-Based Traffic Enforcement Amendment Act, B19-1013, Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Accountability Act, B19-1032, Committee on the Environment, Public Works and Transportation Rule 227 Report