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Public Hearing • Judiciary and Public Safety

Judiciary & Public Safety Public Hearing


Thursday, October 04, 2018
10:30 am
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Wilson Building Room 120
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, DC, 20004

The Committee on the Judiciary & Public Safety will hold a Public Hearing on the following Legislation:

  • B22-314, the “Elephant Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn Trafficking Prohibition Act of 2017”
  • B22-445, the “Safe Access for Public Health Amendment Act of 2017”
  • B22-829, the “All-Terrain Vehicle Clarification Amendment Act of 2018 “
  • B22-838, the “Elder Abuse Response Team Act of 2018”
  • B22-843, the “Center for Firearm Violence Prevention Research Establishment Act of 2018”
  • B22-877, the “Protecting Immigrants from Extortion Amendment Act of 2018”
  • B22-907, the “Sexual Misconduct Sunshine Amendment Act of 2018”

The Committee invites the public to testify or to submit written testimony. Anyone· wishing to testify at the hearing should contact the Committee via email at judiciary@dccouncil.us or at (202) 724-7808, and provide their name, telephone number, organizational affiliation, and title (if any), by close of business  Monday, October 1. Representatives of organizations will be allowed a maximum of five minutes for oral testimony, and individuals will be allowed a maximum of three minutes. Witnesses should bring twenty double-sided copies of their written testimony and, if possible, also submit a copy of their testimony  electronically m advance to judiciary@dccouncil.us.