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Muriel Bowser

Muriel Bowser, a fifth generation Washingtonian, brings a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to legislation.

Term: May. 1, 2007 - Jan. 2, 2017

Political Affiliation: Democratic Party

Office: 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 110, Washington, DC 20004

Tel: (202) 724-8052 | Fax: (202) 741-0908

Chair of: Committee on Economic Development

Represents: Ward 4

Key Staff

Joy Holland

Chief of Staff

(202) 724-8052


Rob Hawkins

Committee Clerk and Legislative Director

(202) 724-8052


Judah Gluckman

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8052


Kate Kountzman

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8052


Jim Slattery

Special Assistant/Scheduler

(202) 724-8052


Judi Gold

Deputy Constituent Services Director

(202) 724-8052


Shayne Wells

Constituent Services Coordinator

(202) 724-8052


Booker Roary

Receptionist/Constituent Services Coordinator

(202) 724-8052


Lindsey Parker

Director of Economic Development and Legislative Affairs

(202) 724-8052

James “Freddie” Bulger

Constituent Services Coordinator




Muriel Bowser, a fifth generation Washingtonian, brings a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to legislation, oversight, and policymaking in her hometown. She was first elected Ward 4 Councilmember in a special election in 2007. Eighteen months later, she was re-elected with more than 75 percent of voters endorsing her ambitious agenda focused on improving neighborhoods, transforming schools, and revitalizing corridors.

In her first full term on the Council, Councilmember Bowser now chairs the Committee on Government Operations and is the Council’s representative on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) Board of Directors. This committee is responsible for matters relating to elections, campaign finance, general services, personnel, grants management, government procurement, matters relating to the general operations and services of government, and matters relating to WMATA. She has previously chaired the Committee on Libraries, Parks and Recreation and the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs. Councilmember Bowser strongly believes that effective grassroots leadership changes communities. She was twice elected to serve her Riggs Park neighborhood as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and served in executive posts in ANC 4B, the Lamond Riggs Citizens Association, and the Ward 4 Democrats. She now works in partnership with Ward 4’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, neighborhood associations and business groups.

Councilmember Bowser worked in local and regional government for nearly a decade prior to joining the Council. She managed service delivery for a mini-town hall in Montgomery County, Maryland; she oversaw a downtown transportation management district; and she worked with more than 10 local jurisdictions with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Councilmember Bowser’s participation in downtown revitalization and transportation planning helped transform communities and prepared her to advance Ward 4’s priorities. She is currently Chair of COG’s Transportation Planning Board (TPB).

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