Committee on Transportation and the Environment

Committee Chair

Mary M. Cheh


The Committee on the Transportation and the Environment is responsible for matters relating to environmental protection regulation and policies; highways, bridges, traffic, vehicles, and other transportation issues; the regulation of taxicabs; maintenance of public spaces; recycling; waste management; water supply and wastewater treatment; and maintenance of public spaces and public parks and recreation.


Nicole Rentz

Committee Director

(202) 724-8062

Anthony Catalino

Senior Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8062

Megan E. Brown

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8062

Sonia Desai

Legislative Counsel

202) 724-8062

Katie Noethe

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8062

Agencies under the Committee on Transportation and the Environment

  • Department of General Services
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Department of Public Works
  • District Department of the Environment
  • District Department of Transportation
  • District of Columbia Bicycle Advisory Council
  • District of Columbia Taxicab Commission
  • Food Policy Council
  • Gas Station Advisory Board
  • Green Buildings Advisory Council
  • Pedestrian Advisory Council
  • Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Streetcar Financing and Governance Task Force
  • Sustainable Energy Utility Advisory Board
  • Washington Aqueduct *
  • Water and Sewer Authority

* This entity is a federal agency or regional body.  As such, the Committee does not have direct oversight but, rather, serves as a liaison for the Council in relations to this entity.