Committee on the Judiciary

Committee Chair

Kenyan McDuffie


The Committee on the Judiciary is responsible for all legislation related to criminal, civil, and administrative law in the District of Columbia. It also oversees all of the District’s public safety agencies, conducting hearings to hold agencies and their directors accountable for performance and spending.  For a full list of the agencies under the Committee's purview, see the  Committee Contacts Page.

The Committee also serves as the Council's liaison with federal partners in the justice system, including: the U.S. Attorneys Office, D.C. Courts, Public Defender Service, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), Pretrial Services Agency, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the U.S. Parole Commission.


Kate Mitchell

Committee Director

(202) 727-8275

Brittney Brown

William Cranch Legal Fellow


Shawn Hilgendorf

Legislative Counsel


Barbara Mack

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-8197

Chanell Autrey

Legislative Counsel


Agencies under the Committee on the Judiciary

  • Access to Justice Initiative
  • Board of Ethics and Government Accountability
  • Child Support Guidelines Commission
  • Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys
  • Commission on Human Rights
  • Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure
  • Commission on Re-Entry and Returning Citizen Affairs
  • Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges·
  • Corrections Information Council
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Forensic Sciences
  • Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services
  • Deputy Mayor for Public Safety & Justice
  • District of Columbia Board of Elections
  • District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission
  • District of Columbia National Guard
  • District of Columbia Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
  • Forensic Health and Science Laboratories
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
  • Homeland Security Commission
  • Juvenile Abscondence Review Committee
  • Juvenile Justice Advisory Group
  • Mayor's Office of Legal Counsel
  • Metropolitan Police Department
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Commission
  • Office of Administrative Hearings (including the Advisory Committee to the Office of Administrative Hearings)
  • Office of Campaign Finance
  • Office of Human Rights
  • Office of Justice Grants Administration
  • Office of Police Complaints
  • Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia
  • Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
  • Office of Unified Communications
  • Office of Justice Grants Administration
  • Office of Victims Services
  • Police Complaints Board
  • Police Officer Standards and Training Board
  • Police Officers’ and Fire Fighters Retirement System
  • Pretrial Services Agency
  • Public Defender Service
  • Uniform Law Commission