Committee on Government Operations

Committee Chair

Kenyan McDuffie


The Committee on Government Operations is responsible for matters relating to elections, government ethics, campaign finance, general services, personnel, including employee appeals and general administration of the government of the District of Columbia; public utilities; maintenance of public buildings, property management, including the declaration of government property as no longer required for public purposes; grants management; government procurement; matters relating to the general operations and services of government; matters regarding Advisory Neighborhood Commissions; Latino, African, and Asian and pacific islander affairs; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender affairs; issues related to women; and veterans affairs


Brittany Brown

Legislative Fellow


Ronan Gulstone

Deputy Chief of Staff/Committee Director

(202) 478-2456

Barbara Mack

Legislative Counsel

(202) 724-4466

Tai Meah

Senior Legislative Counsel


Agencies under the Committee on Government Operations

  • Advisory Commission on Caribbean Community Affairs
  • Advisory Committee to the Office of GLBT Affairs
  • Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
  • Board of Ethics and Government Accountability
  • Commission on African Affairs
  • Commission on African American Affairs
  • Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
  • Commission for Women
  • Commission on Latino Community Development
  • Department of General Services
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Disability Compensation Fund
  • District of Columbia Board of Elections
  • Executive Office of the Mayor, including the Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Serve DC, and the Office of Community Affairs
  • Interfaith Council
  • Office of Asian and Pacific Islanders Affairs
  • Office of Campaign Finance
  • Office of Employee Appeals
  • Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Affairs
  • Office of Partnerships and Grants Services
  • Office of People‚Äôs Counsel
  • Office of Risk Management
  • Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Office of the City Administrator
  • Office of the Inspector General
  • Office of Veterans Affairs
  • Office on African Affairs
  • Public Employees Relations Board
  • Public Service Commission
  • Secretary of the District of Columbia (including the Notaries Public Board of Review)